Avoid Foreclosure: An Option That Many Do Not Know About

Looking down the barrel of a foreclosure, if you are among one of the over 1.4 million homeowners facing this same issue, there may be a creative technique to save your home. Save your home and salvage your equity so that you can fight again. The last thing that you want to do is give […]

All You Should Know Before Buying Commercial Real Estate

All you Should Know Before Buying Commercial Real Estate. Buying or renting, such is the question many business people ask themselves around the 1st of the month, when comes the time to write their rent’s check. With the interests rates being what they are and prices being affected by the commercial paper crisis, the answer […]

3 Tips to Staging the Inside of Your Home Like a Pro

Are you considering putting your house up for sale, but not sure where to start? Afraid it will take too long to sell, or that you won’t get the price you want? Think about “staging” your home, or in other words, setting the scene for immediate buyer interest in your property. To be really effective, […]

Avoid Home Foreclosure – Facing Foreclosure? Some Options That May Help You

If you are facing a foreclosure, there may be options to negotiate a workout program with your lender. To get help with a foreclosure you have to start by talking to your lender. Help is available if you are willing to workout a reasonable repayment plan with your lender, while this can sometimes be difficult, […]

My Home Didn’t Sell – Now What?

You had your home listed for months and now it has expired. You are probably upset with the market, mad at your Realtor and have no idea what to do now. You don’t want to repeat your mistake and select another wrong Realtor so what are you to do? You are thinking, “Maybe I will […]