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How Can I Avoid Mortgage Foreclosure?

Foreclosures have a negative impact credit. In order to avoid foreclosure, there’s several things that a homeowner can do.

Advice On Selling A House

Maybe you’ve read lots of advice on selling a house. But do you know the biggest mistake many people make when selling a house?

Home Sellers-Avoid A Transaction Collapse

Home sellers – avoid a transaction collapse. A seller’s worst nightmare is selling to a buyer who disappears at some point.

A Sun City Center For Sale By Owner Is A Mistake

Be very careful! Don’t sell your home yourself. A For Sale by Owner home sale is a mistake. There’s a good reason I say this, and before you decide to try selling your own home, consider the following points. For Sale By Owner is a Mistake 1. Most buyers work with a buyer’s agent who… Read More »

Home Staging: Making Your Home Sellable

You’ve know the importance of clearing out clutter. That’s because it can’t be stressed enough. Home staging: making your home sellable.