Things to Look for When Buying a New House

Things to Look for When Buying a Home

When you are searching a new home to buy, you must look past that coat of fresh paint and do some digging to make sure that there aren’t any major repairs lurking behind the walls. Some issues will surely surface during the home inspection, but it is smart to check everything out before you make an offer. If you find an issue in the home, you’ll likely be able to negotiate and get the home at the right price. A new home is a major investment; therefore, you must be vigilant to make sure you don’t regret your decision to buy it.

Some of the things you should look for when buying a new house are discussed below.

1.     Foundation Faults

You should look out for big cracks but also keep your eyes open for minor cracks. Look around bay windows, end-of-terrace walls and the joining extensions. If you spot a crack in the wall, make sure to have the surveyor investigate the issue. You shouldn’t buy a home if the crack is associated with a foundation fault.

2.     Don’t be Fooled by Staging

Strategic lighting, mirrors, cosy fires, delicious smells and fresh coats of paint are tricks used by sellers to hide issues in their home and make it look more appealing. These tricks can often fool home buyers who aren’t careful and fall for them. You must remain objective and know that when the home looks too good, there is bound to be some issue that the seller is hiding.

3.     The Roof

Knowing the condition and age of the roof is essential before you make your offer. The real estate agent should know how old the roof is and will likely provide you with this information. If not, you can check the roof yourself by looking for rusted flashing, missing or damaged shingles, dirt or moss or other spots. An old or damaged roof can seriously impact your home’s exterior and interior. If you are concerned that the roof might be damaged, hire an investigator to check it out.

4.     Plumbing

Make sure that the water pressure is adequate by running the taps. Ask if plumbing pipes are properly insulated and make sure they’re not lead. Lead plumbing pipes aren’t adequate and you would have to replace them. Outside the home, make sure there isn’t any standing water or water stains on the wall. If there’s standing water in the yard, there might be a plumbing leak.

5.     Power Points

Dodgy wiring is dangerous and it would cost you a lot of money to rewire your home. So make sure there are several power points in the house.

6.     Storage Space

Many people overlook storage space when they are surveying a home to buy. Make sure there is enough storage space to keep your linen, vacuum cleaner, towels and other things. If there aren’t enough shelves or cupboards, make sure there’s room to build them.

Ready to buy a new house? Contact me. I would be happy to share some of the home buying tips I have learned as a Manatee County real estate broker.

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