All You Should Know Before Buying Commercial Real Estate

All you Should Know Before Buying Commercial Real Estate. Buying or renting, such is the question many business people ask themselves around the 1st of the month, when comes the time to write their rent’s check. With the interests rates being what they are and prices being affected by the commercial paper crisis, the answer […]

Understanding Real Estate Offers and Counter Offers in Parrish

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you’ll be involved in offers and counter offers. The buyer’s agent presents the seller’s agent an offer. Then, this is presented to the seller. Understanding real estate offers and counter offers are important to both the buyer and seller. The offer lays out details such as the purchase price, an […]

Tips for Lender Satisfaction in Sun City Center

The lending process is competitive and complex. Sadly, some home-buyers don’t realize just how important choosing a lender, they won’t regret later, is. However, shopping for a loan, and the time spent to do so, can result in satisfaction with your choice. The Wall Street Journal said that 21% of buyers later regret their decision […]

How to Save for a Down Payment on a Home in Ellenton

Giving up is not an option. You’ve always wanted to purchase your own home. There’s just one problem — a big problem — you don’t have the down payment. Here’s how to save for a down payment on a home. As a safe gauge, depending on your credit, plan to save 20% of the cost […]

3 of the top 9 reasons that the real estate bubble is bursting

If you own real estate or are thinking of buying real estate then you better pay attention, because this could be the most important message you receive this year regarding real estate and your financial future. The last five years have seen explosive growth in the real estate market and as a result many people […]