Should I Sell or Rent a Home in Bradenton?

It’s not unusual for a homeowner to sell their home when they’re ready to move. Understandably, they need the cash to purchase a new home. However, others toy with moving into a new house and renting their current one. Should you sell or rent a home? It’s a tough decision for some. Should I Sell […]

3 Tips to Staging the Inside of Your Home Like a Pro

Are you considering putting your house up for sale, but not sure where to start? Afraid it will take too long to sell, or that you won’t get the price you want? Think about “staging” your home, or in other words, setting the scene for immediate buyer interest in your property. To be really effective, […]

Understanding Real Estate Offers and Counter Offers in Parrish

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you’ll be involved in offers and counter offers. The buyer’s agent presents the seller’s agent an offer. Then, this is presented to the seller. Understanding real estate offers and counter offers are important to both the buyer and seller. The offer lays out details such as the purchase price, an […]

Tips to Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal in Palmetto

We’ve all heard it – first impression, best impression. This hasn’t changed in real estate. Putting your home’s best foot forward is a smart strategy, because buyers quickly turn around if you don’t get their attention right off the bat. Tips to improving your home’s curb appeal are important for the following reasons. If you […]

My Home Didn’t Sell – Now What?

You had your home listed for months and now it has expired. You are probably upset with the market, mad at your Realtor and have no idea what to do now. You don’t want to repeat your mistake and select another wrong Realtor so what are you to do? You are thinking, “Maybe I will […]