Are You Sitting on the Fence?

Are You Sitting on the Fence?

Dear Buyers Who Were on the Fence,

Yes, I know it was a charming place. Yes, I know it fit almost 100% of your hopes for your next home. I remember when we toured the property and you shared your thoughts with me about what you loved and what you wanted to change. I was almost certain you’d found a place you could call home. I was even ready to write the offer in the car.

But then a funny thing happened. You decided to wait. True, maybe we hadn’t seen all of the houses you wanted to tour. True, it’s a big investment, and you want to be sure you’re making the right choice. When I inquired about writing an offer, you said: “Well, it’s almost perfect… but let’s keep looking.”

I felt that fear in my stomach for you. I advised you that this seemed to be a good fit for your criteria. Perfection is hard to find.

A week went by, you were considering your options. You’d watched the news and felt certain that the housing market wasn’t in much of a recovery. There was no rush, the numbers told you. I wish they had been the numbers that mattered. I called, but life gets busy.

When my phone rang, and you were ready to write the offer, I had to give you the bad news: The house was under contract. What’s more, there had been two bids for the property, as it was quite a gem in the neighborhood and priced well. In fact, it wasn’t the only one on our list that had just gotten away.

Believe me, I felt your disappointment. “But we were just about to make an offer!” you said. I consoled you the best I could, but I know the sting of regret.

It’s happening more often now. Great houses at fair prices available at excellent interest rates are moving. Don’t worry, we’ll find you a place you can love. I’ll work to make it happen with you. I can only hope the next time you feel that magical pull of a place you can call home, we’ll show the sellers how serious we are.

Now is the time to buy. Contact me to start your search today:

Linda Reynolds, Broker      941-737-6562 or 813-944-2908

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