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Hazardous Waste Collection for Manatee County Residents

In case you missed it…Manatee County has scheduled established a household hazardous waste collection for residents to dispose of  “solvents, latex or oil-based paints, garden pesticides, household chemicals, ammunition, waste oil and other household hazardous materials.” It’s a great time to get your houses and listings cleaned up and ready for sale. Collection date and… Read More »

Property Foreclosure

When a person buys a home, he has to take a loan regularly. The lenders, generally banks, keep the title to home collateral in this case. When the person is unable to pay the dues and payments in time, the ownership of the home is moved to the lender. Transferring of ownership to lender is… Read More »

Understanding a HOA in Bradenton

Many first-time buyers are confused about what a HOA is and does. If this is you, you must understand the place a HOA will play in your life before you consider purchasing a home. If you have trouble understanding a HOA, that’s understandable. A HOA is an organization that manages and maintains common areas of… Read More »

3 Ways Renters Lose Money

Are you still renting a home or apartment for yourself or your family? If so, you’re losing money. Think about these three ways you lose money by renting: 1. You’re paying for someone else’s mortgage payment. You’re missing out on the appreciation that the property gives to the landlord. Appreciation is a term used in… Read More »

Parrish Homeowners – How to Stop Robocalls

You sit down to watch your favorite television program or Netflix movie, or you’ve just sat down to eat your supper. The phone rings – you decide to either answer or ignore it. Likely, if caller ID screen your calls, you simply ignore it. Is there a way to stop robocalls altogether? If you’re just… Read More »