Stage Your Home Like a Pro in Palmetto

Stage Your Home Like a ProCall it rearranging — call it de-cluttering, but when you’re ready to sell, you have two choices. Either hire a stager or stage your home like a pro. Trust me on this one; it’s important.

How to Stage Your Home Like a Pro

Last week I covered pricing your home right, removing the “you” factor, and deep cleaning your home before selling. These are all givens, and they make a huge difference to prospective buyers. However, staging takes it to the next level, and it’s something you need to consider, as your competition will be giving thought to staging their homes.

Tip 1 – Not the time to remodel. Some sellers have remodeled their home before putting it on the market – maybe a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Problem with this is that tastes vary and your buyer may not like the appliances or colors you choose. Believe it or not, sometimes these remodels are redone after all of that work was put into it. Want to do something that might make a difference? Paint those rooms neutral colors.

Tip 2 – Stage your coffee table. This can be fun. Begin with something large and bold – maybe a bowl or sculpture (but large) – then bounce off of that.  You can add books or even more sculptures but something a little smaller. Keep the large object as the focal point.Stage Your Home Like a Pro

Tip 3 – Always, always, always remember that less is more. The eclectic cluttered country style is wonderful when done with good taste, but remember you want the buyer to take notice of your house. So, keep your staging focus more simple. If you want to make a statement, do that with a beautiful sculpture or arrangement.

Tip 4 – Group your furniture. Resist the urge to keep your furniture close to the wall. You may think it will make the room appear larger, but it’s just the opposite. The room will feel larger if you move furniture away from the walls. When you step back, you’ll know what I mean and it’s something professional stagers give much consideration to.

Tip 5 – Pay attention to lighting. Want to make your Palmetto home seem welcoming to buyers? You’ll want great lighting. Trust me; yours will stand out because homes that aren’t staged won’t be doing this.

Are you ready to sell your Palmetto home? Get in touch with me, and I’d be happy to give you a free market analysis. It’s a great tool when selling a home.

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